Safety and Risk Management

Yalla Mishwar and Peace by Piece Tours take the health and wellbeing of our participants extremely serious. Our team strives to provide a safe, productive and enjoyable environment for each participant. We are partnered with many medical and emergency services that will make every effort to protect the safety and security of our summer participants.

To ensure proper communication, participants will have all the contact information they need in case of emergency including the numbers of our staff, police, fire department, ambulance and the 24-hour emergency number of their countries’ representative offices and embassies. These numbers will be sent prior to travel.

Our participants also have a role in maintaining the safety of our program. We rely on our participants to understand and comply with the rules of our program and follow the program leaders’ instructions.

Our Traveler’s Guide is distributed to all participants after their enrollment is accepted. We expect and rely on participants to read the packet fully before the program.